Review of LegalZoom Estate Planning Service Part 1

In Part 1 of this review, we take you step by step through the LegalZoom estate planning experience from login to the end of the online interview. Not only will you learn a lot about the LegalZoom process, you will learn a lot about basic estate planning.

Review of LegalZoom Estate Planning Service Part 2

In Part 2 of this review we critique the documents prepared by LegalZoom and the attorney consultation offered as part of the service. 

Also, see our informative videos below and visit the CMLP Estate Planning and Elder Law Blog.

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Basic Estate Planning Video Series

This Basic Estate Planning video series covers Wills, revocable living trusts, probate and probate avoidance, as well as estate and gift tax planning and planning for the possibility of incapacity.  In 15 parts, it is a complete discussion of all the fundamentals, including how to coordinate beneficiary designations for retirement accounts (such as IRAs and 401(k) accounts) and life insurance with the rest of the estate plan to achieve the desired outcome.

Long Term Care & Medicaid

This video series is in four parts and covers issues related to long term care in Connecticut. Who and what does Medicaid cover?  What are the income and asset limitations? What assets can you retain and still qualify for Medicaid?  How do asset transfers affect qualification for Medicaid?  This video also describes home care benefits under Medicare and Medicaid and long term care insurance as a way to pay for long term care.  It concludes with a description of planning steps.

Complimentary Online Estate Plan Review

This video demonstrates Chipman Mazzucco’s complimentary online estate plan review process.  Answer a series of online thought-provoking questions about your circumstances and objectives and receive a personalized report.  To register and participate in the Review, click on this link: Chipman Mazzucco Online Estate Plan Review.

Estate Settlement and Trusts

This video series on estate settlement and trust administration is in six parts.  It covers what estate settlement entails from beginning to end including the Executor’s and Trustee’s legal relationship with the beneficiaries, the courts, the tax authorities, creditors, and others who may be in possession of estate assets.

Trusts and Trust Administration

In three parts this video series on trusts and trust administration covers what a trust is and what trust administration entails. What rules apply to trust administration? What are common problems faced by trustees while administering trusts?.