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Reasons to review trusts for effectiveness

Some estate owners in Connecticut may find that their trusts do not fulfill their intentions. This could be because those intentions have changed or the documents were not correctly set up in the first place. For example, a trust might be set up incorrectly if the attorney did not understand the family's wishes. In other cases, a trust is written in a way that's confusing and does not effectively convey its purpose. For these reasons, people may want to review any trusts they have and make sure they do what they were created to do.

Getting prepared for a successful acquisition

When Connecticut companies think about how to grow and maximize profits, one of the most common and advantageous ways may be through mergers and acquisitions. By buying other businesses, a company can expand its market and intellectual property in order to enhance its value and profit-making opportunities. When going through a merger, business owners or executives may have to think through and negotiate extensive changes in order to integrate another business in a successful manner. Bringing two companies together successfully can help to eliminate redundancy, and it can be important to avoid bureaucracy and work for full integration as quickly as possible.

How is a prescriptive easement created and corroborated?

If you are looking to purchase a piece of property, it can be disconcerting to realize that another party uses a portion of that property, usually an adjoining land owner, without the permission of the seller. You may ask the other party to cease and desist using the property, but under the right circumstances, the other party does not have to do so.

Timeshares and estate planning

Timeshares are a popular way for Connecticut residents to enjoy their favorite vacation destinations. However, they often do require fees for as long they're in ownership. That's why some timeshare owners worry that their heirs will eventually have to continue paying timeshare fees.

Avoiding family disputes when writing a will

Most people planning to have a will drawn up in Connecticut hope it will make things easier for loved ones left behind. But what might look good on paper could turn out to be a source of contention, resentment, legal wrangling, and bitter feuds between heirs. This sometimes happens when there's not enough time, effort, and thought put into making important decisions during the process of preparing a will and making estate plans.

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