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Counsel For Employers And Employees

A lot happens at the workplace. It is where employees earn a living and spend most of their time. It is where employers develop their goods and services and earn a profit. Creating a harmonious environment helps both reach their objectives. Defining the relationship carefully when it begins – and when it ends – is essential. Our employment lawyers can help.

At Chipman Mazzucco Emerson LLC, we frequently prepare and review employment agreements. In addition to defining compensation and duties, these documents often impose restrictions on soliciting customers, working for competitors and disclosing confidential information. Employers want to protect the businesses that they have built up; employees want the flexibility to work freely in the field they know best. These competing factors come together in a typical employment agreement.

From our office in Fairfield County, we serve clients throughout Connecticut, as well as in New York.

Preparing Employee Handbooks

In addition to agreements for individual employees, we prepare employee handbooks to provide broad guidance to all employees. These documents can address policies on subjects as diverse as computer security, paid time off and sexual harassment. A better definition of workplace conduct enables employers and employees to know exactly what to expect.

Helping You Adjust To Change

Of course, the workplace is also a place of change. New laws come into effect. Employers want to know how to handle new and different issues, and problems such as drug abuse, computer hacking or a baseless claim for overtime could bring about the need for new policies. Our employment attorneys advise clients on these issues regularly.

Employers sometimes face discrimination claims filed with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. We often assist them in defending these claims, conducting hearings and engaging in mediation.

Wrongful Termination And Separation Agreements

Unfortunately, the employment relationship is not always a success. We advise clients frequently on the potential claims that could arise from termination, and routinely prepare, negotiate and revise separation agreements. These agreements can bring warranted financial compensation to employees, while affording finality and certainty to employers.

Confer With An Attorney

We look forward to helping clients to avoid conflicts in the workplace and to resolve them when they arise. To learn how we can help with your specific situation, please call us at 203-744-1929 or contact us by email.

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