Connecticut Real Estate & Land Use Attorneys

Few areas of endeavor offer as many rewards—and risks—as commercial real estate. Unexpected problems can occur at practically any phase. Our Connecticut real estate and land use attorneys take seriously the challenge of reducing that risk and enabling our developer clients to profit fully from their investment. In addition, we represent ALL parties involved real estate, from contractors to construction lenders and from architects to associations of home owners.

Most projects start with a contract, and a cookie cutter approach is never possible. We address with precision the essential terms, the contingencies, and the deadlines, taking care to raise issues that even the parties may not have considered.

We have broad experience in the field. In conjunction with the owner’s design team, our land-use attorneys have obtained the municipal and state approvals for several million square feet of retail, office, residential, and residential space in Western Connecticut. Thus, we appear frequently before planning, zoning, and wetlands commissions, and we have taken and defended numerous land use appeals to court. We also deal regularly with the Army Corps of Engineers, the Connecticut Department of Transportation, and the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

As the acquisition process moves ahead, we work closely with clients and their consultants in assessing environmental constraints and in allocating risk appropriately. We examine title reports and surveys, arrange for title insurance, review loan documents, and consider property tax issues. We have handled the acquisition and financing for thousands of properties.

We prepare and review construction contracts, deal with mechanics liens and surety bonds, and arbitrate claims.

As the project moves to completion, we also prepare office and retail leases and condominium public offering statements. We also handle the resulting evictions, condominium unit sales, and property dispositions.

For all participants in the real estate process, we offer advice from decades of experience.

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