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The Importance of Registering a Trademark

In order to thrive and build good relationships with their customers, businesses in Connecticut have to build a strong brand that evokes the right emotions in their customers’ minds. One way of achieving this is through the use of a unique and recognizable company name and logo. However, a business may fall into trouble, be it from a legal or marketing perspective, if these designs or names are already in use by other businesses, which is why it is always advisable for a company to protect its trademark.

A company using a logo or design that has already been trademarked by another business can spell disaster, beginning with the loss of customers as a result of the ensuing confusion that comes with changing trademarks. Additionally, the company will have to bear the costs of reprinting all its promotional and official documents that carry the design that needs to be changed. Moreover, the company will be legally liable as the original owner of the trademark could sue them for infringement, forcing them to forego all the profits they made with the unregistered mark as well as pay damages.

When a company registers its trademark, it gets plenty of advantages, the first of which is some peace of mind. After all, if a company has its mark registered with both the state and the federal registration services, the mark will be protected by both state laws and federal laws. It is this federal protection that allows companies to expand beyond their current geographical location.

Bearing this in mind, companies wishing to register their trademark might benefit from having an attorney perform a thorough trademark search before registering their own. In such a manner, they’ll be sure that they are not infringing on any other entity’s rights and have a unique brand and mark that they can protect for generations to come.