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Through careful drafting, practical advice and businesslike negotiation, we try hard to keep our clients out of disputes. After all, litigation is expensive, distracting and full of uncertainty. Nevertheless, some conflicts are unavoidable. With decades of experience in the state and federal courts in Connecticut, the litigation team at Chipman Mazzucco Emerson is well-prepared to handle even the most complex disputes.

Whether you are handling a professional or personal dispute, we want to help you find your way through it. Facing any sort of legal challenge is stressful. Our attorneys have the skill to fight your case in court when necessary, and the resources to ensure you are well taken care of for the duration of the process.

Our Approach to Litigation

To help clients most effectively, we bring several skills to bear. We listen carefully in order to understand our client’s objectives. We research the law thoroughly to make certain the court will apply the proper legal principles. We pay close attention to the details that gave rise to the dispute, whether found in documents, in the field or in the materials we obtain from our adversaries. And, as with a chess match, we analyze and reanalyze our strategy of the case at every step.

Because of the cost and risk of litigation, we remain alert to every opportunity to achieve a favorable resolution. We open the lines of communication early. Our lawyers take advantage of mediation and arbitration, when appropriate. We focus on careful analysis and the “bottom line,” trying to keep emotional influences at bay. We use our experience in similar cases to give our clients—and their adversaries—a realistic view of what a court is likely to do.

If our efforts are successful, our clients achieve settlements that are often superior, and always less expensive, than the outcomes they might obtain in court. Although most cases do settle, some cases inevitably go to trial. We have extensive experience in conducting trials and appeals, so, when it is in the client’s best interest to do so, we are always prepared to present our client’s case to a judge or jury.

Handling Litigation Across Many Practice Areas

Litigation is a very broad field, so we focus on those practice areas in which we have the most experience. Each of our practice areas contributes significantly to our dispute resolution work:

Business litigation

  • Disputes among the owners of a business
  • Breach of fiduciary duty actions
  • Breaches of commercial contracts
  • Unfair trade practices
  • Franchise claims

Employment litigation

  • Enforcement of non-compete and non-solicitation agreements
  • Theft of trade secrets and breach of confidentiality
  • Tortious interference with contract rights
  • Wrongful termination
  • Severance disputes

Real estate litigation

  • Adverse possession claims
  • Boundary disputes
  • Land use agency decision appeals
  • Commercial evictions
  • Condominium association litigation
  • Construction claims
  • Mechanic’s liens
  • Surety bond claims
  • Breaches of real estate contracts
  • Property tax assessment appeals
  • Foreclosures of mortgages and liens

Probate litigation

  • Will contests
  • Challenges to property distribution
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Removal of trustees or executors
  • Elder financial abuse
  • Undue influence

Ultimately, we understand that litigation is a tool for dispute resolution and not an end in itself. While we do not back down in the face of a challenge, we always attempt other approaches to protect both parties from the costs of litigation.

Discuss Your Litigation Options

If you are facing a serious legal challenge, our lawyers are ready to help. We are highly competent and have over 40 years of experience working with individuals and businesses. Our top priority is always protecting your rights.

To speak with one of our attorneys about your litigation matter, call (203) 902-4882 or email us to schedule your consultation. Let our experienced team guide and fight for you.

What Sets Us Apart

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  • Tailored Legal Solutions
    We strive to find the optimal solution for each unique situation. We are well aware of conventional approaches, but we also think outside the box.
  • Highly Competent Legal Guidance

    We will analyze your situation thoughtfully and investigate the relevant law thoroughly to devise a creative solution, customized for your situation.

  • Responsive and Accessible

    We pride ourselves on responding promptly to every inquiry as we recognize that your time is valuable and that your needs are immediate.

  • Deep Bench of Attorneys
    At our firm, our attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience, each able to bring their unique knowledge and skillset to your case.
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Because every client is different, we deliver a tailored approach to each challenge.

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