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Protection of Minors Your Partner for the Road Ahead

Protection of Minors in Fairfield County

Legal Strategies for Parents of Minor Children in Fairfield County, Western Connecticut and Neighboring Towns

If you are a parent with minor children, you need to prepare for the unthinkable possibility of leaving them prematurely. In addition to a Will, several different estate planning tools are available to specify who will raise your children and to ensure they have access to the resources you can make available to them after you pass away.

Why Do Parents Need to Draft a Will?

A guardian is the individual who has the legal responsibility to care for and raise your children after you die. If you want a certain family member or close friend to serve as guardian, then you need to clearly specify your wishes. If you fail to specify a guardian in your will, then the probate court will select someone to serve in that role.

CME Attorneys Can Help You Leave Assets for Minor Children

You can also designate a property guardian or trustee in your Will to manage your children's inheritance until they reach adulthood. The property guardian is under the jurisdiction of the Probate Court and is required to file an inventory of the estate and annual paperwork that documents how the assets have been managed and spent. Property guardianship is terminated when the child turns 18.

You can also create a trust to hold money for your minor children after you pass away.

At Chipman Mazzucco Emerson, we understand that having conversations about guardians and estate planning can be both difficult and uncomfortable. We know that, as a parent, your top priority is to ensure your children have everything they need after you are gone, so let us put our skills and resources to work to help you secure peace of mind.

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