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At Chipman Mazzucco Emerson, our team of dedicated legal professionals understands federal and state taxation of business. We take great pride in helping to minimize the effect of taxes on business owners across Fairfield County and Western Connecticut. Our business law firm works closely with our clients’ financial, insurance, and accounting advisers to gather detailed information and devise comprehensive solutions that minimize income and other taxes. With an effective strategy, you can reduce the risk of costly tax disputes while also reducing tax costs.

Helping Clients Meet Their Businesses Tax Objectives

When guiding clients in the formation of business entities, we consider tax objectives as a matter of course. In the purchase and sale of businesses, tax issues are always significant. Tax issues also loom large in every shareholders’ agreement or operating agreement. Even in business disputes, tax constraints can affect the conduct — and the resolution — of any litigation. If you find that taxes are an issue your business, then reach out to our firm to find out how we can help. We are also familiar with tax issues related to the disposition of closely held businesses and the use of business life insurance policies.

Tax Appeals

Our objective is to help business clients implement their transactions with as little tax impact as possible. If disputes arise, however, our firm can assist at the audit level, appeal at the administrative level, and litigate against tax authorities in state and federal courts.

Business Structures & Tax Consequences

The structure of a business and significant transactions can have major tax implications that the owners or stakeholders might not recognize. Chipman Mazzucco Emerson can work with your accountants to mitigate adverse tax consequences, especially in case of a sale of the business or a transition among the owners.

We can help you determine which of the following business structures is right for your unique tax goals:

  • Partnership: The business is unincorporated, and two or more parties share ownership and liability. Rarely seen, although limited partnerships are still used, especially in the world of private equity.
  • Corporation: The business is a separate entity owned by shareholders, but the profits and losses can flow through to the owners (S Corporation) or be taxed at the corporate level ( C corporation).
  • Sole Proprietorship: The business is owned by one person, without distinction between the taxpayer and the business.
  • Limited Liability Company: This popular business structure is by far the most common for closely-held businesses, with its extraordinary flexibility and ability to pass through taxable profits and losses to its members.

Do you have more questions about business taxation? Then please call our law firm today at (203) 902-4882 so we can help you devise a plan for success. We know you are passionate about your business, so schedule a consultation today to make sure all of your tax responsibilities are covered.

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