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5 Common Elder Law Issues Faced by Caregivers

Unfortunately, most people become more vulnerable as they grow older and seniors are the most-likely group targeted by scammers and others who seek to benefit by taking advantage of age-related conditions.

Many families are slow to address these vulnerabilities, and some wait too long before their loved ones suffer personal, physical and financial consequences. The result is that caregivers often find themselves in tricky and complicated legal circumstances.

Caregivers list most troublesome areas

A recent survey of caregivers shared their thoughts on some of the legal issues they most often face, including:

  • Power of attorney: Designating a trusted relative or friend to make financial decisions for older adults is crucial for their future when they can’t make those decisions for themselves.
  • Guardianship: When an older person becomes ill or unable to handle their own affairs and doesn’t have a power of attorney, potentially lengthy and expensive proceedings are necessary to name a trustworthy guardian.
  • Elder abuse: Seniors with cognitive issues, such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, are frequent targets for scammers, which can include family members and others close to them. However, cognitively sound seniors are also victimized.
  • Legal protection for caregivers: Older adults often accuse family members or other caregivers of abuse brought on by their medical condition, or sometimes out of spite. Caregivers can face substantial legal consequences as a result.
  • Estate planning: Many seniors die without a will or other estate plan in place, leaving a legal mess for their families. However, sometimes, even when a will is in place, it can be a divisive and combative issue for families.

Look for comprehensive elder law solutions

As baby boomers continue to retire, more families are experiencing a wide range of age-related issues that affect their lives as well as that of their older loved one. A compassionate and experienced elder law attorney here in Connecticut can help you identify and address the long-term financial and care needs of your family.