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Estate Planning in Uncertain Times: CME’s 25th Annual Estate Planning Seminar

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Shall we talk about estate planning as if nothing else around us is happening? Really?

Yes; really…let’s talk about estate planning as part of your family survival kit!

We couldn’t hold our traditional Fall Estate Planning gathering because of… you know: COVID.

It would have been our 25th Anniversary Seminar.

Break the string? We couldn’t let it happen.

Here is our answer:

Part 1: Intro by Richard Land and Keynote on Planning in Uncertain Times by Jim Flaherty
Part 2: Retirement Account Planning After the SECURE Act by Richard Land
Part 3: The Five Most Asked Questions about Elder Law by Alyson Marcucio
Part 4: Planning to Make Probate Trouble-Free by Dick Emerson

Whether you support it or not, chances are another hard lockdown is in our future. Consider using the time to put your plans in order. We are here to help.