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Angel investors offer entrepreneurs more than money

Venture capitalists are often among the first to be contacted when entrepreneurs in Connecticut and around the country are unable to secure startup financing from other sources, but a new way to get the money they need is rapidly gaining in popularity. Angel investors provide business advice and emotional support as well as much-needed cash, and they will generally be more forgiving and less likely to pursue legal claims when the commercial ventures they back fail to meet expectations.

Making an estate plan matters

Connecticut fans of Stan Lee's work may know the former Marvel chairman for his role in co-creating iconic characters like Captain America and Spider-Man. However, after he passed away in November 2018, he also became known for leaving his estate in disarray. Like other prominent celebrities including Prince and Aretha Franklin, Lee may have died without a making a will. When a person passes without making an estate plan, the consequences can be complex for the loved ones left behind, especially when the estate is substantial, involving ongoing revenues and royalties.

Protecting innovation through trade secrets

For many entrepreneurs with tech start-ups in Connecticut, intellectual property may be critical to the future of their businesses. Proprietary details, methodologies for creating products and even internal practices of the company could all be considered trade secrets, particularly if this information is not available to the public. When people think of trade secrets, they may think of famous secret recipes; however, trade secrets have a significant amount of modern relevance for people involved in innovative startups and programming initiatives.

Is your parent a victim of financial abuse?

As your parent grows older, you may feel concern about his or her health and wellbeing, especially if your loved one lives alone. Since you work or have other obligations to tend to, you may not be able to offer your parent the time and attention you would like to. This is why you may have felt relief when a family member or friend stepped in to help your parent.

Irrevocable trusts

Many people in Connecticut use irrevocable trusts as an estate planning tool. It is important to understand how an irrevocable trust works since the grantor of any assets in an irrevocable trust loses control of them once they are in placed in the trust.

USPTO warns of trademark scheme

Connecticut residents who have trademarks might want to watch their inboxes for emails from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The USPTO sent an email out on Oct. 19 to warn about a fraud scheme in which thieves have been trying to hijack trademark files.

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