Trademark Update – Did You Know?

Trademark Update – Did You Know?

| Apr 3, 2020 | Trademarks |

Fran Pennarola

by Fran Pennarola — Did you know, between February 11 and March 26 of this year, 37 applications featuring the word “COVID” as part of the trademark were filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office? It takes more than a virus and social distancing to suppress the entrepreneurial spirit of the American people.

It is uncertain how many of these applications (and there will no doubt be more in the coming days and weeks) will become registered trademarks, a process that takes a minimum of 7-9 months in the best of circumstances. Even if some do, by then, the public’s appetite for all things COVID may have waned.

That said, it’s a great time to check on your own branding, an important part of your business identity. A trademark registration can become a valuable asset, protecting your business and the goodwill you have established long into the future.

This process is ideally suited for email and phone. It can all be handled at a distance. Send me an email at fgp @ or call me at 203-744-1929 x22 if you want a more detailed explanation of the process or have any questions.