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Consider a Trust for Your Special Needs Child

You know that your special needs child requires a lot of care. You know all their comforts. You understand their medicine and their schedule. You love them and care for them. No parent ever wants to think about passing on and leaving their child behind. You don’t want to think about it, but it may be in the best interest of your child.

You may want to consider setting up a trust for your special needs child. Allocating money into a trust may allow you to assist your loved one after you’ve passed without interfering with their eligibility for other¬†public benefits¬†that they may need.

What can they use it for?

A special needs trust can be used for a variety of necessary items. Your child can use the funds on any expenses for care. They may also use the funds for everyday items that they use, such as clothing, furniture, cell phone services, etc. It is even possible to use the funds for travel. The point of these funds is to improve their quality of life.

What expenses should you look into before setting up a trust?

Think about Social Security benefits for your child. The use of trust money for housing and food may complicate these benefits. It could cause a reduction in the amount that your child receives. You will want to speak with a professional regarding the best options for the use of the trust.

Why use a trust and not a will?

You will want to create a trust for your special needs child. The use of a will can cause problems with Social Security benefits. Wills often mean leaving your child with a particular amount of money. A lump sum of cash gifted to your child could disqualify them for their government benefits.v