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How to Make a Company an Acquisition Target

In 2017, there were $2.7 trillion in business acquisition deals, and that number is expected to climb to $3.2 trillion in 2018. Large companies may be interested in acquiring startups in Connecticut and throughout the country as a means to quickly grow their businesses. While this was once a strategy employed mostly by tech companies, other organizations also use this tactic these days.

Business owners who want to be acquired by a large company may increase their odds of being purchased by showcasing their talent. When their businesses are acquired, they may be retained to run the company as a division or category within the new parent company. Other ways to get the attention of bigger companies is to create a platform or a technology that the larger business doesn’t have access to.

If a company has a strong brand, it may make it a target for larger companies looking to expand. The company that acquires the brand name may have the ability to expand its product line without spending a lot of time or money on customer acquisition efforts. Finally, if a startup can provide an established company with a way to find a new set of customers, it may be seen as an attractive acquisition candidate.

If a startup company is the target of a friendly acquisition, it may represent an opportunity to either cash in on equity or exit the company. In some cases, it may represent an opportunity to work for a larger company. Regardless of why the company is being acquired, it may be wise to go through the process with the help of an attorney.