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Boy Band Menudo Resolves Trademark Dispute

Connecticut fans of Latin music may be interested to learn that after two years of litigation, boy band group Menudo will now be able to resume its relaunch efforts. The group’s name was initially transferred back in 2016 but wasn’t able to resume its launching efforts due to a trademark dispute. The Puerto Rican group resolved the matter in the United States District Court in Miami. The ruling states that the trademark Menudo belongs exclusively to Menudo International, LLC.

The musicians acquired the trademark in May of 2016 but found themselves in the middle of a legal battle over the name. Cristina Bruan and In Miami Productions challenged the rights of the name Menudo.

Now that the group has resolved the trademarks dispute, the boy band will relaunch the franchise. The group first launched back in 1977, and its success continued through the 1990s. In 1997, the group took a break from the music scene. Stars Ricky Martin and Robi Rosa were able to achieve success as a result of the group’s efforts. Over the years, the musicians changed their lineups while maintaining success. The group will now be able to continue with its relaunch efforts.

Led by the seasoned Oscar Llord, the band will actively target the pre-teen space. Llord, who is the former president of Sony Latin and CEO of We R 1 Music, will be instrumental in the project. Paul Tarnopol of Menudo International, LLC hinted at television projects and a 40-year anniversary concert.

Trademark disputes are common among businesses. Registering trademarks and intellectual property rights may require the insight of an experienced business attorney. In a scenario where there is a need for protecting a business concept or registering trademarks, an experienced commercial and business law attorney may help draft the necessary documents or pursue litigation.