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Why venture capital firms won't work with certain startups

There are several reasons why a startup in Connecticut or elsewhere won't get funding from a venture capital firm. For instance, there may have been problems with the pitch deck that scared a potential investor away. Issues could be related to how the deck was designed or the fact that there were egregious spelling or grammar issues. A venture capital firm may also have an issue with the company's valuation.

Starting a new business

Connecticut residents who want to leave their current job to start their own business may want to plan ahead to make sure they take the right steps to getting to their new venture. Being properly prepared can play a significant part in being successful.

Variables to consider when creating a succession plan

Business owners in Connecticut and throughout the country can be so focused on growing their companies that they forget to plan for their exit. Those who own family businesses may also need to start planning for when and how it will be passed down to the next generation. If there is no successor within the immediate family, it could be necessary to look into selling to an outside person or entity.

Brand protection during mergers and acquisitions

Business owners in Connecticut should take care how they handle mergers and acquisitions as the two business moves can impact how their brand is perceived. Combining two businesses can be a complicated process, significantly impacting brands. However, brands can be protected if they are managed carefully and strategically.

The unexpected cost of owning a company

Running a business in Connecticut or anywhere else can be expensive. However, many business owners may only take into account the cost of paying workers or buying equipment. What they may not be thinking about is the cost of business liability insurance policies. While prices may vary for an individual business, the average yearly insurance cost is about $741. Those who don't have coverage may be financially exposed in a lawsuit or other claim.

How to make a company an acquisition target

In 2017, there were $2.7 trillion in business acquisition deals, and that number is expected to climb to $3.2 trillion in 2018. Large companies may be interested in acquiring startups in Connecticut and throughout the country as a means to quickly grow their businesses. While this was once a strategy employed mostly by tech companies, other organizations also use this tactic these days.

Common startup company mistakes

The decisions that entrepreneurs in Connecticut and around the country make before launching commercial ventures often cast long shadows, and their eagerness to get their new businesses up and running can sometimes lead them to make choices that may seem unwise in hindsight. Entrepreneurs must choose what type of product or service they will bring to the market and how they will obtain the funds necessary to cover their startup costs. Devoting sufficient time to these important decisions can help them to avoid many common pitfalls.

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