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How digital assets have affected estate planning

The law has always had to evolve to keep up with the times, and estate planning is no exception to that. In fact, estate planning has had to adapt to the recent rise of digital assets, particularly cryptocurrencies, and to change from a relatively straightforward process to one that that is trying to cope with the intricacies that come with a new type of assets.

Overcoming potential problems in an estate plan

There could be hidden problems in the estate plans created by Connecticut residents. In most cases, the most common hidden problem is the person who creates the plan. This is because that person may not name the appropriate people to fill roles related to executing the plan.

Do you need help coping with a chronic condition?

Many residents throughout Connecticut live with health issues. Some of their conditions may be considered relatively minor or even temporary. However, you may live with a chronic condition that substantially affects your life. Your condition likely has no cure, and your prognosis may indicate that your condition will remain a permanent part of your life.

Protecting trademarks around the world

Businesses in Connecticut with great intellectual property may be wondering how they can most effectively protect themselves outside the borders of the United States. Many know the benefits of having a federal trademark within the country to protect their brand and image. In addition, trademark holders need to constantly be on guard against infringement in order to preserve their exclusive rights. When companies do not register their trademarks, they could face serious risks to their intellectual property. However, all of these provisions only apply within the borders of the United States.

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